Vinyasa Yoga | mandag 20:00 – 21:00 | intermediate | taught in English | 6 classes | startup 22/11-21


Vinyasa consists of dynamic and intense movements. The yoga poses are guided through the breath in a creative flow. This class is a fixed sequence, where you are able to recognize the order of the yoga poses throughout the course. In this sequence we are focusing on building muscle strength and agility for the whole body. A cornerstone throughout the journey will be a healthy and strong back. The sequence is taught with variation in speed, by alternating between calm and controlled movements, and a fast energetic rhythm, which will strengthen your heart. In the standing positions your balance is challenged, and thereby your focus and concentration. Join the class if you want to learn how to breathe deeper, get more energy and burn calories in a fun and creative way. You will quickly notice your agility and strength progress throughout the journey.

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6 weeks of Vinyasa Yoga with Christina Widmark

The class is taught in English.

Startup: 22/11-21

Other dates: 29/11, 6/12, 13/12, 20/12 and 3/1-22

We offer small yoga classes of a maximum of 8 participants where quality and presence are paramount. It requires no prior knowledge of yoga to participate in the teams. The overall focus is to build strength, increase mobility and functionality and provide calm.

(note at least 5 participants for the team to be created)